[balloon-makers] sewing machine bankruptcy

Bill Whelan bwhelan at sprint.ca
Tue Nov 19 16:48:50 CST 2002

I was just faxed info on B &W sewing machine co. here in Canada that went
out of business......

IF your looking for a double needle machine...
or single..... they have quite a few, the 1/4 " spacing can be chaged for

I f some one wants one we can play fetch for you.....

wild bill EH!!!

remember the exchange rate is $1.00 US funds = 1.55 +CDN,, ( today it was
160.00, I actually made money on the exchange I did last week for the
fabric, I didnot get)

still having fun with a + foot of snow on the ground.... and more falling

I want  to go south

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