[balloon-makers] TBW3 BTU Output

Greg_Winker at Dell.com Greg_Winker at Dell.com
Mon Nov 25 15:12:05 CST 2002

I think it's around 5-6 million BTU/hr.  

Greg Winker

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Subject: [balloon-makers] TBW3 BTU Output

Can anyone tell me the output of the TBW3 Burner in BTU?  Preferrably at or
around 80PSI fuel pressure.



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Subject: [balloon-makers] Propane Tank Fittings

Sanity Check...

Looking into fuel mgmt, system weight, safety, etc...

I'm planning on having 3 or 4 10gal tanks in my
homebuilt.  My initial planning is showing me a LOT of
fittings, T's, (manifolds) and fuel lines.  Idea is to
put 2 tanks on each of the 'short side' of the basket.

I see the above as a big safety issue when it comes to
preflight - That is a lot of connections to sniff test
and get ready.  Plus, what happens on that hard
landing (I know, dont make them)...

So I started to remember my days of flying Cameron's
with the quick disconnects that seal (yes, they must
be on/off all the way to seal).  This made it really
nice for changing tanks (and safer).

I think these fittings are Rego.
     RE-7141F (1-1/4" Acme to 1/4" Female Pipe Thread)
     RE-7141M (3/8" Female Pipe Thread to 1-1/4" Acme

The thing I don't understand is...  IS a 1/4" Female
Pipe Thread LARGE enough for our liquid feeds (on a
T-3 burner) ?  It seems rather small.  True, Cameron
had an end on their hose that took the 3/8 or whatever
the liquid was down to this 1/4" but it still seems
kinda small...

Can someone set me at ease with this ?
     Am I better off using Quick Disconnects
     Is the 1/4" FPT large enough


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