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If you are trying to 
duplicate a Lindstrand shape, I think you better steer far clear of a Sigma 5 or 
6 design.  Sigma's in this range are designs suitable for payload weight 
that are much smaller than the balloon weight.  Hot air balloons are 
typically on the other end of the scale - payload weight is high compared to 
balloon weight.  The natural shape you see in most hot air balloons usually 
have a shape approximating a Sigma 0.
Try this link for a 
natural shape calculator.  
Greg Winker 
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  Can anyone help me with sigma 5 and sigma 6 calculations? I have heard 
  that envelopes can be designed with this formula but don't know it or how to 
  use it.  I want to design a balloon with the same shape as a lindstrand 
  balloon. Please help
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