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Fri Oct 4 09:48:37 CDT 2002


By way of an introduction,

My name is Gary Mortimer a pilot currently sat on my thumbs in South Africa, 
I am considering constructing a balloon of my own probably a 120 or 140. I 
can take enough friends that way, I have just finished flying 400's in Kenya 
(http://www.balloonsafarisdirect.com) so small balloons frighten me now ;-)

Now this construct my own idea is very fresh, in fact I have noted 27th 
September as the day it wandered into my head.

Other than having flown a balloon before, I know very little about building 

I have found online so far........

this list

a couple of spreadsheets for gore design 

French site with a Deramecourt design of balloon. 

Site I thought quite informative at 
http://aerostation.free.fr/mfr/en/mfr_inde.shtml (its where I got one of the 
gore programs, which I think produces the Deramecourt shape)

I have contacted Galvenor, they make fabric here. http://www.geltex.co.za

I know for a fact that Kavanagh balloons in Australia are looking into using 
their fabric and of course Terry Adams down here has used it for years.

So thats where I stand. 

I like the shape of the Deramecourt balloon any thoughts from out there??

Anyhow best wishes from South Africa,


Gary Mortimer.

By the way for you hams, my father is G4 OXR qth Somerset UK
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