[balloon-makers] smallest special shape balloon?

Keith Sproul ksproul at rci.rutgers.edu
Fri Oct 18 09:13:24 CDT 2002

I too am VERY interested in this..

There was a SPARK PLUG Cloud Hopper a few years ago.. It has since 
been de-registered. It was registered in the UK..  It is on one of 
the ABQ videos I have.  The reg # was clear enough in the video that 
I was able to look it up. That is how I know it is de-registered.

Keith Sproul

At 10:31 -0400 10/18/02, admin at deering.org wrote:
>Are there any one-man special shape balloons?
>I'm curious to know if there are any 25-35K special shape or perhaps an
>appendage balloons.  Someone must have done it.
>(Obviously there can't be too much demand for such a thing, since the
>commercial applications are extremely limited. After all, how do you give
>the sponsor a ride?) 
>Still, someone must have built one.  Can anyone think of an example?

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