[balloon-makers] Chosing Fabric

Paul Vincent Craven paul at cravenfamily.com
Tue Oct 22 14:52:17 CDT 2002

What are your requirements?

If you want the fabric easy to work with, forgiving, and long-lasting,
I'd recommend the Westmark 1.9 fabric.

That said, next time I do a balloon it will probably be similar to what
you describe. The scoop, or part of the scoop, would be nomex. That's
what I use now. Westmark as a company is pretty easy to deal with.

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I'm looking to build a pilot +1 balloon.  Being that I
live in Colorado, I need to make the envelope a bit
bigger than I'd like...

I've heard of 1.1 oz calendered and 1.3 oz silicone

My initial thinking is to use 1.3oz in the top 1/2
then 1.1 in the bottom half.  Also putting Nomex in
the bottom couple feet of the mouth.

Any recommendations on fabrics?
  coated / uncoated
  calendered ?
  vendors ?


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