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Model Balloons - Kasey Blunist_2004 at ballooningmail.com
Fri Oct 25 20:44:20 CDT 2002

 I'm planning to finally build a balloon large enough for me to fly under it. I think a 21,000 cuft balloon would work well for me as I'm only 120 lbs. 

 I would like to use 1.9 oz fabric at least in the upper half to upper 2/3 of the balloon, and then maybe 1.1 in the lower part, but I'm on a tight budget for buying fabric. 

 I know I can get ist quality 1.9 from Westmark for $2.90 per yard, and the 1.1 is $3.60 per yard. But does anyone have any 1.1 oz for less? Any color, doesn't really matter to me what the balloons looks like, but if anyone has 1.1 up to 1.9 for cheap, please let me know.

 Also, does anyone have a gore pattern they would be willing to let me use for approx a 21k balloon? I'd like to keep the gores fairly simple with only 2 or 3 horixontal cuts per gore. 

Any help or info would be great.

...And Soft Landings For All

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