[balloon-makers] home-made burner?

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Hi Curtis,
Once I am nearly done with the balloon I am about to start,  I am going to build my own burner. I have built and re-built several model balloon burners, all with the blast valve after the coil and just before the jettings. I plan to use this same "technique" on the "full-sized" burner for my 30K (approx) balloon. 

I like to use either 1/8" or 1/4" threads, I can't remember which, and compression fittings for the stainless steel tubing. 

F.Y.I - To the list.
At ABQ I purchased a 1 gallon stainless steel tank and use it in my model balloon. It works great, but only for larger balloons of about 3000 cuft and larger as it weighs quite a bit (12 lbs). I got it for $75 and has a dip tube for liquid. If any one's interested contact Jay Hawkins on his web at www.rcballoons.com 


--- "Curtis Pack" <cpackdo at citynet.net> wrote:
>I am using a T3 in my hang balloon with a regulator in line set to 70 psi.
>Response for this small balloon ( 28500) is good and it  works well with a
>limiting throttle on the powerful T3. Our burners have used 1/4 and 3/8
>stainless steel tubing.( although the model burners have used copper). A
>servicable burner can be made but cost wise it is easier to find a used
>burner ( like the HP II ). The HP is heavy but has a wider, shorter flame
>compared to the T3. I will probably use my HPII on the 42 Bret and I are
>building now.
>Our current model balloon has the valve after the coil to reduce the "flash
>burn" effect ( and so is the one we are working on for Ms.York.) but we
>haven't tried it in a full size burner.
>The home made burners are great amusement for the neighbors and can ( at
>times ) be quite exciting ( we learned a lot of educational and practical
>safety lessons) .
>Fly safe,
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>> > the burners either need to be detuned
>> > or the envelope made taller.
>> I am building a 30K envelope, and I fear my full-size HP-2 burner would
>> smoke the top of my envelope in a heartbeat, especially in my
>> hands and particularly in an emergency.
>> I have been toying with the idea of *making* a smaller burner to match the
>> small size of my envelope.  I know at least one person on the list has
>> this.  I am looking for some hints to the following questions about the
>> coil:
>> Stainless or regular steel tubing?
>> Diameter of the tubing?
>> Thickness of the tubing?
>> Attachment of fittings?
>> I am not looking for a pre-made recipe, but I could use some pointers to
>> begin my experiments.
>> Thanks,
>> Tom
>> (And as a teaser, I am considering making my balloon an appendage special
>> shape.  The character is rather well known to people my age, and the owner
>> of the trademark has given his permission.)
>> Please respond to the list, not to me directly.
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