[balloon-makers] Tank certification

Keith Sproul ksproul at vger.rutgers.edu
Wed Sep 25 05:32:40 CDT 2002

I had a couple of tanks re-certified, this was actually quite easy at 
my local repair station..  Cost about $65 each if I remember.  The 
main thing they have to do is to replace the safety valve.  There is 
a belief that the brass/aluminum interface might corrode after time 
and they want to make sure it is okay.  This is not the case on 
Stainless tanks.

The other thing is a physical inspection including looking inside the 
tank. (They simply take off the fuel level gauge and look in with a 
flash light)..


At 8:26 -0400 9/25/2002, Curtis Pack wrote:
>I have several Worthington tanks (AL - 10 gallon) that I need to have
>recertified. The tanks are in good shape.  Does anyone have any experience
>on having this done ( locally or not). Is it expensive ? Complicated ?
>Fly safe,
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