[balloon-makers] Solar balloon electronic altitude control

Rochte, Robert rrochte at gpacademy.org
Tue Apr 1 06:27:49 CST 2003

>Anyway, who is the another guy interesting by solar balloons ?

My work is a bit off-the-beaten-track for this group, but you asked.... :-)

I am working on polyethylene stratospheric solar balloons for research and educational purposes (initially, ham radio payloads).  Right now I am finishing the construction of a 4000 cf solar Montgolfiere which will test several new design and construction concepts.  This balloon should fly sometime early next month with an APRS tracker, telemetry downlink and amateur TV feed (33cm band, FM - a bit different than most ham video).

This will be the third solar balloon that I have constructed to date (not counting lots of small test models).  Altitude will be relatively low (~45k feet) but, as I said, this flight is really for the purpose of testing new concepts and also gathering data.


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