[balloon-makers] "Squat" the balloon - update

Curtis Pack cpackdo at citynet.net
Wed Apr 9 05:23:09 CDT 2003

Another update. Progress has slowed abit due to work commitments. The gores
have been sized and the mid gore parachute attachments applied. The
parachute center is being sewn on along with the load tape attachments. Josh
( Brets son) helped by unrolling and measuring all the lengths of load tape
( there was one splice in 3 rolls and 2 splices in 2 rolls) and this allowed
us to select pieces close to the length for the job required. Bret and I
started prepping the gores for joining Saturday and I finished the first
long seam ( gores 1 & 2 ) last evening. Only seven more gores to go ! We
will keep you updated .
Fly safe,

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