[balloon-makers] Building Night Lights

Bill Whelan bwhelan at sprint.ca
Fri Apr 18 04:22:24 CDT 2003

Information Only:

Paul Stumpf balloons has the equipement already to go....


If you wanted to use it on a type cert. balloon as well you would be good to

Just a thought

wild bill EH!!!

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I flew dawn patrol this past fiesta, and I asked my pilot about the lights.
He said a friend made them from standard aircraft lights.  They did not
seem special in any way.  Just lights and a battery. They looked like they
were soldered together with speaker wire.  I don't know how close the
colors have to be to the specifications, or who checks the color with a
spectrometer.  I'll try to find out more.


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Hi All. I can't stand it anymore - I NEED to have some nightlights for
my tiedyed balloon!
I saw the FAA specs a while ago that describe the color temp and flashing
frequencies; What I want to know is... Has anyone on the list built a set of
night lights, and do you have any advice about construction, power, and
especially, where do you buy the lights and/or blinking electronics?

Thanks for the help. It's time to do some dawnpatrolling...

-Jonathan Wolfe, Ph.D.
Artistic Adventure - Taking Tiedye Higher

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