[balloon-makers] My sewing machinne ate my home work

Curtis Pack cpackdo at citynet.net
Fri Jun 13 07:32:08 CDT 2003

Not really but the machine ate my fabric. After trying four times to sew the
same seam ( long gore seam ) and ripping out 60 feet of tape and seam it
finally dawned on me to check the machine.( Singer 112W) The stiches are not
equal and the fabric is puckering. I set the stitch length but every time I
do it continues to vary with the stiches getting smaller. The stitch
indicator is on tight ( the wheel on the top shaft) but this is just an
indicator not an actual stitch adjustment. Everytime I set the length after
a few feet it begins to vary. The manual recommends setting the stitch
length but really does not go in to details. I am pretty comfortable timing
the machine but this is a bit different.Any ideas? Or is this a trip to the
repair shop? By the way, I'll have to modify this gore seam since there are
too many needles holes. Although it is frustrating, I love every minute of
Fly safe,

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