[balloon-makers] polyester fabric?

Don Piccard donpiccard at usfamily.net
Mon Mar 10 16:48:36 CST 2003

Yes, but not with that stuff.  Is it Erlinger?  That is what I was told
Tracy used originally, but it was $0.43 per running yard then.

It probably has much greater rip stopping capability than coated rip
stop nylon or polyester cloth.

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I just found a source of polyester coat lining.  It's sixty inches wide,
and only a dollar a yard.  I have asked for a sample so I can do some

I have heard that some early balloon was built with polyester jacket
lining, which is what gave me the idea.  Since it's not ripstop, I
consider buiding a vertical gore balloon.  But maybe with a horizontal
configuration it might be acceptible.

Any thoughts?  Have any of you built a polyester envelope?


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