[balloon-makers] polyester fabric?

Paul Vincent Craven paul at cravenfamily.com
Tue Mar 11 05:59:40 CST 2003

>At 7:15 PM -0500 3/10/03, private e-mail address wrote:
>>I just found a source of polyester coat lining.  It's sixty inches wide,
>>and only a dollar a yard.  I have asked for a sample so I can do some

Try this with balloon works fabric sometime. Take a piece, and hold it
up to the light. Looks opaque. Bunch the fabric up and quickly rub it
back and forth. Hold it up to the light. You can now see the light
though it, much of the coating has been rubbed off.

That said, I'd still buy a balloon works over another type. But the
demonstration is eye-opening.

Paul Vincent Craven

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