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Paul -

Another alternative to avoid webbing bunching is to use a V ring at the
throat of the balloon to wrap the vertical load tapes through.  And an even
better idea is a triangular shaped quick link.  Para gear sells them - Part
No. HDD358.  Go to http://www.paragear.com/default.asp and search using the
term HDD358.  They are pretty slick.

I have flown balloons with both upright and lay down tanks.  Each has pluses
and minus' and to me, there is no clear cut victor.  But to me the quarter
turn on/off is a clear winner.  Get ready to take out a second mortgage to
buy them.  I just got a quote from Cameron US for $335 a pop.  They are hand
machined to order, so you may be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere
else.  But if you do, I want to be the first to know about it.

Titanium tanks are only useful in the following circumstances:

1) You have more dollars that sense.
2) See above.

Good Floating!

Greg Winker

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Today's tip:

Nylon webbing under load cuts easier than nylon that isn't under load.
So when you so your ribbon into loops for a connector, that can be your
weak point. The connector will slowly start cutting the nylon loop.

Try taking another piece of webbing and sew it to the inside of the
loop. Have it 'bunch' up a bit, so it isn't under strain.

On another topic, how do people like their tanks set up? Personally I
like the idea of having a couple lay-down tanks in the basket with a
valve that only takes a quarter-turn to shut off. But I've only flown
with stand-up tanks. (Well, I have flown an Aerostar with lay-down.)
What do people like?

Anyone know of a good source for titanium tanks?

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