[balloon-makers] RE: Tanks

Keith Sproul ksproul at rci.rutgers.edu
Tue Mar 11 09:39:02 CST 2003

Titanium tanks are bad news... They are SO THIN that they are much 
easier to damage.. (MY opinion, not based on fact)

I ==LOVE== quarter turn valves.  My Cameron 15s are that way and so 
is the 15gal tank that came with the T&C Sky Chariot.

Having two tanks is a good idea for redundancy.


On another topic, how do people like their tanks set up? Personally I
like the idea of having a couple lay-down tanks in the basket with a
valve that only takes a quarter-turn to shut off. But I've only flown
with stand-up tanks. (Well, I have flown an Aerostar with lay-down.)
What do people like?
Anyone know of a good source for titanium tanks?

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