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One nice thing about lay down tanks is the ability of us short guys
to stand on them.  Closer to the burner and better view if you have
passengers who are blocking it.  Back when I had a Raven with a Classic
basket, it was common for me to stand on the tanks.  Occasionally I would
have a flameout, and standing on the tank got me closer to the burner
to relight.  The other advantage was during inflation, the center of
gravity in the basket is just above the floor, so it is very easy to
lift the basket up to begin the inflation.

But they do take up a lot of floor space and you have to crouch down to
shut off the tank valves.

Good Floating!

Greg Winker

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I concur with Jon on the vertical tanks--they just seem to make more
sense.  Like Jon, I find that laydown tanks make it awkward to find
a comfortable spot to stand in the basket.  I fly with two vertical
18 gallon tanks, which I love.  They take up minimal space in the
basket, and only yield four gallons less than a pair of laydown 20s.
I have a 90° shutoff on my Cloudhopper tank, and I like it very much.
However, is it worth hundreds of dollars over a conventional valve?
I don't think so.  I'd spend my money elsewhere first.

David Tanzer
Charlotte, VT

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