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Tue Mar 11 20:18:30 CST 2003

During a recent training flight with my instructor, we were going over emergency procedures with the burner during flight. One of them was flying with the tank valve, if the blast valve were to stick open. He held the valve open, and I turned the valve nearly off, but kept it open a bit to keep a flame. I think after only a few seconds, I looked at the valve and saw/heard propane leaking out from the valve area. I know this was due to there being large amounts of propane flowing through a not-so-large space, but it was kind of statling...starteling.....startling....It made me nervous. 

We did set down in a near-by field to check it out. After the valve warmed up a bit, everything was fine and we had a nice flight. I'm all for the 90 degree shutoff valves!

Just an FYI.

Also I like both stand-up and lay-down tanks. The stand-ups give you LOTS more room, and the lay-downs offer a nice inviting seat for tired legs or during a high-wind landing. 

Kasey Schwemmer
P.S. - Has anyone considered putting in seat belts on an Aurora basket with a seat?

--- "David Barker" <private e-mail address> wrote:
>David Tanzer wrote
>< I have a
>90° shutoff on my Cloudhopper tank, and I like it very much.  However,
>is it worth hundreds of dollars over a conventional valve?  I don't
>think so.>
>You only need open a conventional screw valve about a half turn, 180°, to
>get very, very close to full fuel flow.
>Just as an aside, I guess everyone knows, you must never, ever, open a twist
>valve hard open.  In that case, in an emergency, you cannot quickly tell if
>valve is hard open - or hard shut.
>Best regards
>David Barker
>now, temporarily, at Burton Pidsea, UK
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