[balloon-makers] laydown vs. upright tanks

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Wed Mar 12 05:32:23 CST 2003

I flew a 315 that had two, 90+ litre horizontal tanks I cannot remember the 
exact volume. 

Anyhow the idea was to narrow the pilots compartment and keep the overall 
basket size down. It was a double T basket. 

The tanks were under the floor, so as the driver you stand a couple of feet 
above the passengers. Basket sides were not raised though so we had a bar at 
the front to stop us falling out. Felt bloody awful though and if your of a 
more manly frame like myself (and some girls I know) then turning around was 

Because it was in a place where we used butane and the volume of these tanks 
was so enormous that they would for some reason loose stacks of pressure in 
an hour so we had a nitrogen system on board that we had to top up the tanks 
with in flight. We were using vapour pilot lights so we had two small tanks 
for those. The plumbing was a nightmare. It was the most horrid thing I've 
ever flown. I won't say which UK company made it, and in their defence it was 
to order and not of their design. But it was not the one who's about to loose 
big time to Kavanagh over the smart vent but they did buy them ;-)

By the way I'm going back to blighty for a summer season and the thing I'm 
going to miss the most is the new Kavanagh light vent it really is a 
fantastic deflation system. Adam will explain how it works, I'm too dumb. I 
will try and get in and take some photos and post them somewhere.



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