[balloon-makers] Nomex address

Keith Sproul ksproul at rci.rutgers.edu
Tue Mar 18 12:07:08 CST 2003

PGI/Difco Fabrics

800 668-4724 Canada

800 371-2972 Texas

if you are in the US, you 'must' buy from the Texas place.. At least 
that was what I was told.

Keith Sproul

At 20:22 -0500 3/14/03, Rat6666 wrote:
PGI/Difco Performance Fabrics Inc.
Up in Canada, Eh
1-800-...I lost the number. Keith should have it!
They have good stuff. I don't know any other suppliers offhand, so 
maybe I can learn something here too... Anybody else?

Good luck,

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