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Tue Mar 18 13:42:25 CST 2003

  Curtis has offered some very good suggestions on sources of information for 
balloon construction. I would add one more source to his list. Before starting 
your first build project, I'd purchase a set of envelope plans from Brian 
Boland. BTW, you don't have to build a Boland shape balloon to make good use of 
the plans. Brian does a fantastic job of describing and illistrating the 
details of envelope construction. Additionally, he's got great tips on keeping 
your project organized. The plans are well worth the money. Besides, purchasing 
a set of plans from Brian also opens the door to his vast knowledge and advice 
on balloon construction.
  Don't call Brian or Louise now, they're off to NZ for a few months. 
  If anyone has a copy of Brian's book on building a Tyvek balloon, I'd like to 
buy a copy. 
  Ron Cassidy
> Welcome Cindy,
> This list is good. There is a lot of help and encouragement here for folks
> like us as we start out and go forward with our projects ( or just dream
> about them).
> Three pieces of advice.
> (1) Order the old issues of Balloon Builders Journal from Bob DeLoux.
> (2) Read the archives of the list.
> (3) Have fun and enjoy !
> Fly safe,
> Curtis
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