[balloon-makers] Code Orange and ADIZ

Keith Sproul ksproul at rci.rutgers.edu
Wed Mar 19 06:51:31 CST 2003

I am looking to put something similar together.  The GTX320 looks 
nice (it is Garmin), but as far as I can tell, it isn't made any more.

Also, do any of these have the altimeter built in? or what kind of 
altimeter to you need to use with them??

There are several up on Ebay, but I don't know enough about them to 
even know what to look at..

Keith Sproul

At 18:45 -0500 3/18/03, private e-mail address wrote:
Now for the question, does anyone have any experince with portable
transponders??  anyone know where to buy one (cheap)?
Yeah, fly with one everytime. Icom have a small solid state one GTX320 I
think its called. We put ours in a plastic tool box with large rechargeable
battery and strap it on the outside of the basket. The antenna is on a metal
plate on the burner frame although its better to have it underneath that can
become expensive in antennas.
If you have not used a transponder before get an aeroplane driver to show you
how. I used to work at a radar unit and you can't believe the trouble people
operating transponders incorrectly can cause.

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