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sorry forgot that :)



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Please forgive me....can you re-give me your webpage address?


Kasey Schwemmer

--- "Robyn and Adam" <private e-mail address> wrote:
>Hi all
>Been a while since my last update to the list and I am here to tell you I
>have learnt a few things in the last couple of weeks.  As of yesterday
>evening I now have what I can call a balloon.  I closed the envelope
>yesterday afternoon and finished all of the overlap horizontal seams
>after that.
>I also now have all of my parachute attachment points in place inside the
>envelope as well as the vent line guides and anchor point.  And as the last
>thing last night I have all of the load tapes attached to the Crown ring.
>So that leaves me with the V Rings to attach and then the main envelope is
>still have to cut the circle from the vent square (see my website if you
>don't know what I mean) and add the loops and tape.  Hopefully this will
>be complete by this weekend and I can do my first cold inflation over the
>weekend sometime.
>I cant believe that it has only been 58 days to get to this point from when
>I actually started sewing.  I think I am up to about 220 hours so far, but
>that does include about 60 hours of sewing practice before I started.
>The website has photos up until last weekend, and should be updated with
>some new ones in the next day or two.
>I have learnt the following over the past two weeks:
>When adding Velcro for banners to the balloon you need to sew very very
>slowly else the cotton pops regularly
>Also for above, never use a dark Velcro over a white load tape, it looks
>very unattractive (BUGGER!)
>Always double check your maths when trying to build a vent panel (see
>Never rely on friends to supply you parts for the balloon in a timely
>Oil your machine every day before you start sewing, to the point that it
>rests in a puddle of oil if you have to
>Oil it again whenever it starts misbehaving (at this rate I will need to
>take up an oil contract from OPEC to supply my machine)
>If your machine is well oiled you will get an excellent life for your
>needles (go figure)
>Nothing ever runs to schedule
>If people ask you "Why are you building...?" they can never possibly
>I will update again when I get some air in the thing and I get to see what
>it looks like and how good/bad my sewing has been.
>regards to all
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"Balloon-makers" is archived at http://www.hombc.org/balloon-makers/

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