[balloon-makers] Solar cloudhoppers

Emmanuel Laurent elaurent at obs.ujf-grenoble.fr
Thu Mar 27 04:00:52 CST 2003

Dear Paul,

I just saw your mail about Pierre Benhaiem's balloon.
Just a correction : this balloon is not really a cloudhopper in the
sense that the lift is largely insufficient to carry a man.
This ballon uses kind of "dynamic lift" to carry a man at 4-5 meters
height during 10-20 secondes. Anyway, this idea is quite fantastic...

If you really want to see a solar cloudhopper, check this website :
Some pages are in english.
Solar balloons need to have a high volume (nearly 2000m^3) to carry only 
one personn because of the small buoyancy (Benhaiem's balloon has a 
volume of 400m^3).


On Sun, 9 Feb 2003, Paul Vincent Craven wrote:

> I just got back from vacation, and had an e-mail with cool info from
> Pierre Benhaiem. He's got a solar cloudhopper. I've got links to the
> French site and translations of it off my site:
> http://www.air-registry.com
> Paul Vincent Craven
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