[balloon-makers] HPII Liquid fule line info

Bill Whelan bwhelan at sprint.ca
Sat Mar 29 05:05:06 CST 2003

HP II fuel lines for Liquid burner.........

Main fuel line is JIC # 6,Female at the burner..... at the other end is 1/4
" NPT.Male + tank fitting

Liquid fuel line, is 1/4" NPT Female, other end is 1/4 "NPT Male + tank

If you can not locate, I have lots

wild bill EH!!

I know its far but planes are fast

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> I need to get some new hoses made up for my HPII burner.  Can anyone who
> one tell me what size and thread fitting I need for the main fuel line and
> also the pilot fitting.
> thanks
> adam
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